Your health journey,
our commitment.

True healthcare requires different care throughout each phase of your wellness journey.

We’re here to support you through all of them.

Physical Health

Overcome physical barriers, reduce pain, improve your strength, expand your flexibility, prevent injury, to live your best life.

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Mental Health

Unlock your potential, find peace within, strengthen your resilience, safeguard your mental wellness, and embrace a fulfilling life.

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Medical Health

Take control of your health, manage your symptoms, enhance your resilience, and optimize your quality of life.

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Free Consultation

Not sure where to start? Book a free consultation so we can understand your needs to match you with the right practitioner.

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Empowering you to live your best life

Experience the Walking Tree Difference

Professional Collaboration

Our team works together behind the scenes so that no stone remains unturned. Combining insights for professionals of different practices we’re committed to providing the best care, every time.

Health and Wellness Combined

There is no one size fits all in health and wellness. Our dedicated professionals include traditional, alternative, allopathic, and natural healthcare modalities to find the best possible solution so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best care out there.

Proactive Health and Protection

Want to continue living your best life for years to come? Talk to us about your long-term health goals, and we’ll get you going in the right direction for tomorrow, today. Not only will our practitioners treat your existing conditions, we also work to prevent pain and illness from occurring. We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body to live your best life possible.

Practitioners That Care

Our experienced healthcare professionals put your healing needs first. We are proud to provide a high quality level of customer service, experience, and commitment to health and wellness to all our patients. Our goal is to make you feel better as quickly as possible.

The Care You Need, In A Way That Works Best For You

With a commitment to convenience and accessibility, we’re proud to offer health and wellness care however you need it.

Virtual Care Opportunities

Get the care you need from the comfort of your home. Experience a new era of personalized health and wellness with through our virtual care platform. Connect with our dedicated team of healthcare professionals, coaches, instructors, and more who are ready to support your journey to well-being.

You can access a range of services through virtual care including remote consultations, personalized fitness programs, nutritional guidance, mental health support, and lifestyle coaching, all tailored to meet your unique needs. Our platform ensures a convenient and secure experience, allowing you to prioritize your health without compromising comfort. Embrace the future of healthcare where expert guidance is just a click away.

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In-Person Care Opportunities

Experience comprehensive in-person care at one of our clinical locations. where in-person appointments provide a holistic approach to supporting your health and wellness journey.

Our expert healthcare professionals are ready to offer personalized medical consultations, administer physical therapies, and provide hands-on fitness instruction tailored to your needs. Immerse yourself in the benefits of in-person care with medical consultation, physical therapies, fitness instruction, group meditation, movement classes, and so much more. Whether you’re seeking individualized attention or prefer the energy of group activities, our in-person care services are curated to address your unique health goals and promote overall well-being. Connect with our dedicated team to support your health journey through the personalized touch of in-person care.

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About Us

Rooted in the belief that empowerment is the key to healthcare, Walking Tree Wellness is more than just a place to receive high-quality treatments: it’s an ecosystem where solution-focused practitioners and health-conscious patients come together to create lasting change in each patient’s journey.

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Our Services, Programs, and Offerings

Whether you prefer in-person or virtual care, we have service offerings to support you on your journey of health, self-care, and empowerment.

Walking Tree Wellness Centre Locations

Located in Southwestern Ontario, we have 3 centres ready to welcome you.
Hespeler Village

2 Tannery Street East
Cambridge, Ontario
N3C 2B9, Canada


79 Montclair Dr
Woodstock, Ontario
N4V 1C5, Canada

Downtown Galt

24 Queens Square
Cambridge, Ontario
N1S 1H6, Canada


Why People Love Walking Tree

<a href=Cindy Kerton">

Dana’s Osteopathic therapy has greatly lessened the hip bursitis pain I have struggled with for the past 2 years. The WTW team are great, and encourage healthy living. Thank you so much!

Cindy Kerton

Google Review

<a href=Carolina Miranda">
Cassie is brilliant. She is a solid practioner: incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive and pro-active. This is an amazing clinic.
Carolina Miranda

Google Review

<a href=Deb McDonald">

Dana McDonald is an amazing osteopathic practitioner. Regular treatments with Dana help me to keep my body and mind in optimal shape. I would definitely recommend a visit to Dana because of her knowledge and skill in providing treatment. You will be glad you did.

Deb McDonald

Google Review

<a href=Andrea Butler">

Super friendly staff; I see Samantha for massage therapy. She’s super fun and really knowledgeable and great at her job too

Andrea Butler

Google Review

<a href=Andria Jinkinson-Brown">

Addison is an excellent Massage Therapist; highly skilled and very professional. I would highly recommend booking an appointment.

Andria Jinkinson-Brown

Google Review