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Compassionate Medical Advice That Considers The Whole You.

Manage your symptoms, enhance your resilience, and optimize your quality of life. Our Medical Team is made up of compassionate physicians (MD) who take the time to hear your whole story and provide personalized guidance on chronic complex medical conditions and lifestyle conditions.

By implementing a comprehensive approach that may include anti-inflammatory diet plans, specialized exercises, and stress management techniques we’ll identify the best holistic approach to alleviate symptoms and improve joint function for these chronic conditions.

Improve chronic fatigue symptoms through an integrative approach that may combine medication, cognitive behavior therapy, graded exercise therapy, or a combination of all.

Through a comprehensive approach that may include anti-inflammatory diet plans, stress management, and specialized physical activity will work to alleviate symptoms and decrease inflammation.

Our physicians will work to identify the underlying causes of chronic pain and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to alleviate day to day discomfort.

Our team of medical physicians will develop a diabetes care plan to lower glucose production with medication and lifestyle changes to promote your best wellbeing.

Prevent and treat heart disease with professional medical care. Lifestyle changes such as increased exercise, a healthy diet, and not smoking can contribute to better heart health.

We address weight management challenges through personalized programs that combine nutrition counselling, exercise regimens, and behavioural strategies. Our holistic approach supports sustainable weight loss or maintenance, promoting overall health and well-being.

Manage and lower high blood pressure with medical advice and a plan that works best for you.

Prevent and treat high cholesterol with a personalized care plan that focuses on proper medication, diet and physical activity.

At Walking Tree we know that just because something is undiagnosed, does not mean it should go ignored. Combining medical expertise with holistic assessments and comprehensive evaluations we work to identify the underlying causes of symptoms, develop personalized treatment plans, and provide ongoing support.

Not sure what treatment is best for you? We’ll match you with the right practitioner.

Our Medical Services are covered by OHIP, and require a referral from a family doctor or general practitioner.

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